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How To Use a WhatsApp Group:

The basic component that makes a WhatsApp Group unique is that everyone can visit in the gathering. Consequently, the best an ideal opportunity to utilize a WhatsApp Group is the point at which you are hoping to get contribution from everyone.

As far as we can tell, we’ve seen two circumstances when WhatsApp can be valuable in business or in the event that you have beneficial online business thoughts. At the point when you’re working with a customer, and you need different colleagues to be engaged with the talk.

On the other hand, when you are dealing with a task inside that requires numerous discussions, you need to ensure everybody in the group is in total agreement.

List Of Newly Added WhatsApp Groups:

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Rules Guiding WhatsApp Groups Shared On This Platform:

  1. Respect the purpose and objective of each WhatsApp Group . A “WhatsApp work group” shouldn’t be used to send messages or content of a personal nature, as well as groups of friends and family shouldn’t be used for business purposes. That’s what direct messages are for.
  2. Don’t use groups just to send memes, videos, pictures and news, without reading and reacting to the content shared by others. The purpose of WhatsApp groups is to establish collective conversations with others, but when you only place content, but never read or interact, the existence of such groups loses their purpose. No one likes monologues.
  3. Never send content, information or “news” that HASN’T been verified. Placing content whose authenticity has not been definitively proven can be VERY dangerous and harm many people. WhatsApp is infested with lies and it’s better to put a stop to them than to be guilty of spreading them.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable in a group for any reason, feel free to leave or “mute” the notifications. It’s better to be criticized for leaving than for always complaining.
  5. Before sending a complaint to a group, identify the “administrator” and share your thoughts with him/her.
  6. Don’t get angry if someone doesn’t respond to your messages in a group. No one is obliged to do so. Better send him/her a direct message.
  7. Before sending a video, picture, meme or any content, analyze if such material will be in the interest of the majority of the members of the group.
  8. When forwarding a message to a WhatsApp Group, picture or video and you’re choosing multiple recipients, avoid sending it to all your groups, since hardly the same content will be suitable or of interest to all.
  9. Unless it’s a thematic group on politics or religion, avoid placing such content on WhatsApp Group, since hardly all will have the same religious beliefs or political preferences. Avoid unnecessary debates.
  10. Unless tolerated by all, avoid sending any content that is violent or pornographic on WhatsApp Group. It’s common for “only men groups” (or women) to circulate inappropriate content, but it’s important to ALWAYS keep in mind that many people may feel uncomfortable, especially when the content affects someone’s reputation.
  11. When replying to a specific comment from a person, use the “reply” function to make sense of your comment and avoid confusion.
  12. When noticing that youre having a dialogue with a single member of the group, consider changing the conversation to direct message, because the rest of the group may not be interested in reading your conversation with another person.
  13. Keep in mind that your words can be interpreted in multiple ways, so use short sentences that can’t be misinterpreted.
  14. Don’t abuse emojis on WhatsApp Group. There are some like this 😂 or 😭 that don’t require explanation, but others like this 😬 or 🤤 can be interpreted in different ways and generate confusion.
  15. Avoid sending videos or files that are very large on WhatsApp Group, since nobody likes to saturate the memory of their smartphone or waste their data/internet plan on nonsense.